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Nourison partners with Barclay Butera on new rug collection

Nourison will partner with Californian lifestyle designer Barclay Butera to create a line of rugs next month. Nourison and Californian lifestyle designer Barclay Butera have signed a new brand licensing agreement. The new designs will debut at the Spring High Point Market in Nourison’s showroom in the IHFC’s Interhall. Alex Peykar, principal at Nourison said: “Barclay has a unique brand image, design style and loyal customer base that will help us reach a completely new market demographic.” Butera said: “This company is unparalleled in their product development capabilities, their marketing efforts, and their customer service. We look forward with tremendous anticipation to this launch and are thrilled to be able to offer this collection to the industry.”

Barclay and Nourison will co-host a debut event on Sunday April 22nd in the Nourison showroom to celebrate the launch and show off the new line. Barclay Butera has been redefining luxury throughout his entire career. Butera has also partnered with the Kravet Textiles and Carpets , Bradburn Lighting , Eastern Accents Bedding , Merida Natural Fiber Rugs, Wendover Art Group Zodax Home Décor and Fragrance and Kravet for Benjamin Moore Paint in the home furnishing industry to make his unique style available to anyone who wants to add a touch of glamour to their home.

2012 will see the launch of Butera’s second book, Barclay Butera – Living on the Coast, as well as a comprehensive line of machine-made carpets with Nourison and a gorgeous collection of decorative mirrors with Mirror Image debuting at High Point Market. Butera’s brand image, design style and loyal customer base will help the company reach a new market demographic said Nourison principal Alex Peykar.


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How to Make Your Own Homemade Rug Design

Try making your own rug if you like taking on new challenges. A rug made by basically gluing felt together and then stitching it seems like a recipe for comments from visitors, made with a slightly cocked head, saying things like, “oh, did you make this.

Cut 1-3” strips of fabric and remove the joints. Sew them jointly, long way. You can stitch them by hand or use a sewing machine, but since the area you’re sewing is pretty small, by hand shouldn’t be a problem. Now start braiding. Tie the ends of the three strips together, then secure them to your workstation to plait effectively. Start winding the braid around to see how large the rug might be. Recoil the first bit of the braid a couple times, then just run the needle through a few times. Use strong thread and a thick needle. Select your pattern. Just make sure you plan out your design before you start. Repeat the process for the remaining base strings. You can choose your material, design and color and using advanced rendering techniques, a sample will be digitally created for you to look at.

Colors of rug may be chosen to accent the color of your room using three or four different colors or even many colors for a bright multicolored effect. It is very important that each strip has the same thickness so that your finished product will not bulge or swell.

Rug from Plastic Grocery Bags: Start saving your plastic grocery bags to using them to make plastic “fabric”. Use them to make rugs by braiding strips of fabric. You’ll need 150+ bags to make a similar rug. If you want multiple colors, you must have bags of different colors.

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