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Mud Mirror Art of Kutch in India – Wall Decoration Art

Mud work is another artwork of Kutch. Mud word and Abhala (Small pieces of glasses ) is the only old Kutchi Art done till today.Artistic wall pieces made with mud and mirror work are used to decorate homes. This work was first carried out in walls but now we are carring out on the walls in the seiling and on the exterior of the home.

Clay Relief Murals of Kutch are highly individualistic works of art enlivened with the white of lime mortar and the bejeweled reflectiveness of the mirror work, enhancing the space with a play of light and shade. Art of handicraft made by “mud” and “Limppan”.

Lippan kam (Mud work) is a decorative art done by common people mainly women.Lippan kam is generally done inside the house but sometimes you can find it on outer walls too.It is done with a mixture of clay and camel dung.

Now gum is used to stick mirrors. Many a times mirror pieces are a little embroidered. It is simple technique, anyone can do it. Rabari women make birds, trees, animals, peacock, human figures etc in lippan kam.


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