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How to Make Wedding Flower Tips

How to making your own wedding flower bouquet. You can easily obtain fabrics of cotton, polyester, crepe, silk and satin to make silk flowers.
Take pictures of the floral arrangements you see whenever you are out in public.

In general, a starch coating is applied to the fabrics, which are then formed and shaped.

Decide on a color. Different flowers can provide you with the colors you prefer. From roses to carnations, orchids to iris, their colors can complement the motif you are in your head. It all depends on the flowers that you choose and can afford.

you will need a handful of readily available items for your silk flower making project:
– Scissors
– Wires
– Wire cutter
– Plastic tubing
– Cornstarch
– PVA glue
– Paintbrush
– Sewing thread and needle
– Clear fast-drying glue
– Foam rubber matting
– Cardboard
– Floral tape
– Spoon and fork for marking and shaping fabric

You will most likely have a good number of these supplies and tools already in your home as well as the items listed in the book. You can also be creative and add your own touches to your flowers.

If you are new to making flowers, you will just need a little patience and practice nothing more.

Gather the materials you need in one box so it is easy for you to access. Make sure that you have sets of supplies which can make you and your helpers work faster and smoothly.


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