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Homemade Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gifts don’t have to just be paper and ribbon that you bought at the store. I came across some really awesome ideas which I am going to use.

Gilf Wrapping

Gilf Wrapping

Some were ideas that used less plastic. Others recycled materials that might otherwise go to waste, or included something that could be reused time and again.

Start a ribbon and trims box collecting odd pieces. Use the long bits of ribbon to tie around gifts. Make a few colour photocopies of cute press release or poster and use to gift wrap small trinkets like a lipstick or hair bow. Save off-cuts of gift wrap and use them as a kind of belly band or feature strip on other gifts to add a nice contrast to the main gift wrap. Corsages on gifts are so cute when formed out of unexpected materials such as pipe cleaners, leaves and crepe paper.

Use Tulle, lace to wrap gift baskets instead of several sheets of cellophane and plastic ribbon.
carefully fold the paper and avoid tape altogether.
Use Wired fabric ribbon instead of traditional plastic curling ribbon is not only reusable.
Fabric bags can be picked up inexpensively at various discount stores and international market stalls.
Plain paper boxes are perfect for homemade candies and other baked goods.


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