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Cake Decorating Art and Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake is a form of bread or bread-like food. In its modern forms, it is typically a sweet and enriched baked dessert. In its oldest forms, cakes were normally fried breads or cheesecakes, and normally had a disk shape.

Cake decorating is the sugar arts that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements to make otherwise plain cakes more visually interesting. decorated cakes are often a focal point of a special celebration such as a birthday, graduation, bridal shower, wedding, or anniversary. There are literally hundreds of different themes that you can do
when decorating a cake (birthday, baby shower, western, John Deere, Christmas, golf, kids,

Decorating a cake is like dressing it up for a party the outside appearance counts just as much as the inside does, but it’s the outside that people see first. Therefore, careful thought and preparation should be put into decorating any kind of cake.

Some cake designers are former painters. Duff Goldman was a graffiti artist. Cakes are frequently described according to their physical form.
* Bundt cakes
* Cake Balls
* Conical, such as the Croquembouche
* Cupcakes and madeleines, which are both sized for a single person
* Layer cakes, frequently baked in a springform pan and decorated
* Sheet cakes, simple, flat, rectangular cakes baked in sheet pans
* Swiss roll cakes

Regardless of the theme you select for decorating the cake, it will be the highlight of the
party. Start with a cake pan in the shape of a cartoon character. You can follow the lines on the cake to separate your different colors of



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