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French Jewelry Designer Suzanne Belperron collection at Geneva auction

The private collection of French jeweller Suzanne Belperron will be auctioned in Geneva on May 14, Sotheby’s announced Monday. Suzanne Belperron, born in the Jura region of France is now celebrated as one of the rare feminine forces of 20th Century jewellery design. She try outs with textures old and new, reviving tastes for natural pearls, and championing the use of grey gold and palladium, has given her jewellery a eternal elegance that seems as fresh and exciting today as it was at the time.

The collection, with an estimated value of over one million dollars, consists in affluence combined by Belperron, and others by Cartier and Faberge. Her jewelry embodies a sensual elegance as well as an intellectual charm that appealed to a stylish clientele from socialites to stage and screen stars. Suzanne never sold from a shop but received consumers at her home in Paris, among them the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor, the actor Gary Cooper, and the artist Jean Cocteau.

Suzanne born in Eastern France in 1900, she studied drawing and jewelry at the École des Beaux-Arts in Besançon, beginning her career in 1921 as a draftswoman at the celebrated maison Boivin in Paris. she left behind the rigid lines of Art Deco to carve stones into organic shapes, invoking the delicacy of wings, petals, and fruit, and adorned them with gemstones.


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London International Creative Competition 2012 call for entries

London International Creative Competition 2012 call for entries

LICC calls all visual artists to submit their creative work for inclusion in the LICC AWARDS CEREMONY. Submit your innovative works of art for inclusion in the London International Creative Competition. London International Creative Competition™ (LICC) is a vehicle for facilitating contact between uniquely talented artists and an international audience. Your artwork is juried by a board of internationally esteemed artists, writers, curators, gallery owners and other luminaries of the visual arts. LICC has no limits and encourages you to push the envelope of your creativity. The finalists and shortlist will be published in the LICC Annual Awards Book, on the website and announced to the creative arts and media outlets worldwide. The 15 Final Selection winners will recieve the LICC trophy and their work will be presented at the LICC awards ceremony in London, one prize-winner will be chosen by the jury to receive the £2,000 cash prize.

Categories for the competition are: advertising design, architectural design, audio/music, environmental design, fashion design, graphic design, illustration, installation art, interior design, net art, painting, performance art, photography, sculpture, textile design, video and film, web design, writing, and other creative designs.

Prize: £2,000 cash prize, work published in LICC’s annual Book of Creative Designs and receives the much sought after LICC Trophy at the LICC Awards Ceremony in September 2012. The usual deadline is April 30, 2012, and the entry fee is £20 single or series for professionals, and £15 single or series for students.

Send all submissions to:
Awards Inc, 550 North Larchmont, Suite 100, Los Angeles, Ca 90004. For more information and to submit your entry, please visit

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